Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Yin Feng-Yu (Order of the Golden Rapier)

Order of the Golden Rapier
Mudthaw (East Kingdom)
Awarded March 31, 2019 (AS 

Scroll by Isabel Chamberlaine.

Paper: Black Canson-Ingres paper.
Materials: Sakura gold calligraphy marker.

Words by Jean Paul Ducasse
Be it known that We Wilhelm and Vienna, King and Queen of these Oriental lands, having observed the many good works and labor of Our Brave Yin Feng-yu Gongzhu and having listened to the council of Our order do the following: When Yin takes up the sword, she feels intent on cutting the enemy. As she cuts her enemy, she does not change her grip, and her hand will never “cower”. When she dashes the enemy’s sword aside, or wards it off, or forces it down, she will slightly change the feeling of the thumb and forefinger. Above all, she is intent on cutting the enemy in the way she grips the sword. Having seen this with our Own eyes, We do commend her with admission the ranks of Our Order of the Golden Rapier. Given to her by Our Hand upon the 30th day of March, A.S. LIII at Mudthaw in Our Barony of Settmour Swap.

Scroll ID: Isabel C 62
Time Invested: 8'ish hours
Completed March 30, 2019

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