Monday, February 11, 2013

Mikulaj von Meissen (Order of the Silver Rapier)

Order of the Silver Rapier
Kings & Queens Rapier Championship
Awarded February 9, 2013 AS XLVII (47)

The mostly finished piece, I neglected to photograph it once completely finished.

Since this piece is based on a slightly post-period (1617) Polish source beloved by the recipient, I chose to emulate a Humanist Cursive hand for the calligraphy. From the little information I was able to find about Polish art from this period, I was able to garner that Italian influence was strong. Although I feel that the calligraphy could be improved from a technical standpoint, I'm very pleased with the outcome and feel that it captures the essence of the late period cursive hands.

In hindsight I should have used a good quality paper instead of pergamenata, I think it would have produced a better finish for what is essentially a watercolour painting. Due to the nature of watercolour there was buckling of the painted page.

Calligraphy and painting by Isabel Chamberlaine. Inspired by the view entitled "CRACOVIA minoris Poloniae METEROPOLIS" - the panorama presented in the work of "Civitates orbis terrarum" published 1617, Cologne

Paper: Peramenata, 230gsm, Natural
Materials: Black Sumi Ink, Mitchell's #4 steel nib, various Windsor & Newton gouache and powdered pigments.

Words by Lady Lorita deSiena

There once was a nobleman named Pan Mikulaj von Meissen, who was the most skilled fencer in all the Shire of Anglespur. Mikulaj served the Shire as its fencing marshal, training many in the noble art of steel. He also served his kingdom, fighting in many battles at many Pennsic Wars. He traveled a great deal, both far and near to his home, looking for a good duel or a rousing melee wherever he went. He flourished as a strong and skilled fencer, impressing all who laid eyes upon him not only with his great prowess, but with the high fashion of his countrymen as well. Time passed, and a great number of people came to know of Mikulaj’s skill, including Their Most Glorious Majesties of the East, Edward and Thyra. Having consulted with Their dear and faithful advisors upon the high repute which was attached to Mikulaj’s name on the fields of rapier combat, the King and Queen made a decree which they deemed would be valid forever.  In that decree was this main condition:  that at Their rapier champions tournament, mighty King Edward and graceful Queen Thyra would make Pan Mikulaj von Meissen a companion of their Order of the Silver Rapier. They ordered a document to be written and confirmed in Their royal names, and gladly set Their sovereign hands to it on the ninth day of February, anno societatis forty-seven in the Barony of L’ile du Dragon Dormant in the Crown Province lands of Tir Mara.

Scroll ID: Isabel C XXXV
Completed February 6, 2013