Monday, January 7, 2013

Lachlann Graheme (Grant of Arms)

Grant of Arms
Coronation - Divestiture / River War
Awarded September 25, 2010 AS XLV (

I've been sitting on this assignment for far to long. It unfortunately fell victim to being shoved aside for various other projects and mundane activities.

I chose to take this opportunity to try gesso for the first time, and applied it with one of my Speedball nibs. The gesso was a tablet made by Ken Harris and purchased through John Neal Booksellers. It seemed easy to apply, full details of which can be found here.

I'm not completely happy with the calligraphy on this piece, it seems to be very shaky to me. Overall though I think it turned out well.

Fol.11 from the Mira calligraphiae monumenta
Calligraphy & Illumination by Isabel Chamberlaine. Inspired by the Mira calligraphiae monumenta (the Model Book of Calligraphy) of Rudolf II, specifically fol.11 as found in the modern publication The Art of the Pen first published by the J. Paul Getty Museum and Thames & Hudson in 1992.

Paper: Peramenata, 230gsm, Natural
Materials: Mitchell's #6 and #4 nibs, iron-gall ink. 23k gold leaf on a traditional gesso ground. Windsor & Newton gouache.

Words by Countess Marguerite inghean Lachlainn and is a poem based on the Scottish 6 line Stave, (a drinking song format.)

Know by this communique,
for Marguerite and Edward Grey,
a loyal friend served night and day;
he slept not a wink,
nor asked for gifts (excepting  pay
in scotch and drink).

As Chief of Staff for Eastern Crown,
did Lachlann Graeme, by his renown,
lead Royal March through moor and town;
can you believe,
statistics show that theft was down?
No sheep were reived.

With Lion mane and Scottish plaid,
he’d don his armor unafraid,
to face Our Foes who dared invade:
by spear at dawn,
at night, he’d show by blade,
his rapier brawn.

A scot should mind he should be seen
to guard more than the Blue and Green.
He did defend, with wit most keen
Eastern lands from harm;
and so a grateful King and Queen
doth grant him arms.

Done this twenty-fifth day of
September at this Our Last Court

anno sociatatis XLV.

Scroll ID: Isabel C XXXIII
Completed January 2013