Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Alesone Gray of Cranlegh (Court Barony)

Court Baroness (Backlog)
Last Court of Lucan & Jana, Fall Coronation 2011
Originally Awarded October 1, 2011 AS XLVI (46)

October 10, 2011: I feel like this piece offers me the chance to finally utilize the examples found in the Mira calligraphiae monumenta (the Model Book of Calligraphy) of Rudolf II. While not strictly true to Alesone's persona, I feel that it still "fits" and can be adapted in small ways to make it more personal. I'm not completely sure which example I'm going to use just yet as they're all spectacular.

I've also asked Mistress Alys if she'd write the words for this one, to which she has kindly agreed.

October 12, 2011: Alys always writes such wonderful stuff, and works quickly too, which astounds me.

I've been leafing though my two example books for the Mira calligraphiae monumenta and have finally selected fol.11 to be my primary example. Although the script has a very Gothic feel to it, it's softened by the abundant use of cadels and penned decoration with gold complementing the black of the ink without taking over the piece completely.

November 29, 2011: Calligraphy is now done, and I actually think it has turned out quite well.

December 25, 2011: I still haven't had a chance to sit down and draw in the penned decoration. I'm really looking forward to spending some time doing this and hope to get it done over the New Year weekend.

December 30, 2011: Last night I was able to pencil-in what will be the penned decoration. The upper portion between the wide set lines will look very similar to the example. However, I've opted to paint in a rose on the bottom instead of more penned decoration. I'm really liking how this has turned out so far and can't wait to see the finished piece.

January 1 & 2, 2012: Penned decoration (in gold) has now been completed. Unfortunately I also managed to get a water drop on the piece which made me cry a little, everything started turning purple from the calligraphy ink. I seem to have successfully scratched it away so hopefully it isn't noticeable unless you look really closely.

The rose on the bottom of the piece was successfully drawn in and painted. Mostly. I need to get back and add some highlighting and shadowing to finish it off but for the most part I'm done.

January 12, 2012: OK, I'm done. Its time to stop adding a little bit here or a little bit there. This weekend I'll take the final photo's and pack it away so that I can bring it with me to the Iron Bog Investiture, where I'll hand it over.

January 29, 2012: Seeing Alesone bouncing up and down for glee was the perfect ending to this assignment.

Calligraphy & Illumination by Isabel Chamberlaine. Inspired by the Mira calligraphiae monumenta (the Model Book of Calligraphy) of Rudolf II, specifically fol.11 as found in the modern publication The Art of the Pen first published by the J. Paul Getty Museum and Thames & Hudson in 1992.

Paper: Peramenata, 230gsm, Natural
Materials: Oak gall ink, Mitchell #4 nib for the first four lines, #6 nib for main body of text

Text by Mistress Alys Mackyntoich

Lucan, King of the East, and Jana, his Queen. Although deeds of the Crown may remain valid from the actual act of performing such deeds, and those things which are lawfully endowed to our subjects by exercise of our will cannot be wrested away by any act of force; it is, however, the duty of our imperial authority to set such deeds, donations and endowments into writing, lest there can be any doubt of the transaction. Be it known, therefore, to the present age and to future generations of our subjects, that we, by exercise of such authority as has been invested in the Crown since the days of Maragorn and Adrienne the founders of our line, do now invest and endow Alesone Gray of Cranlegh with style, title and office of a Baroness of our Court, with all rights, privileges, emblems, and sigils appertaining thereto, the aforesaid emblems to be displayed upon her person hereafter. We decree, further, that no person, small or great, may presume to defy or speak contrary to this our present decree, lest in so doing he suffer our wrath and incur damage to body and person. For the rest, in order that this our imperial decree may, for all ages, remain valid and unshaken, we have ordered the present charter to be written and to be sealed with the impress of our seal and read aloud before witnesses upon 1 October, being the Feast of Saint Remigius, in the forty-sixth year of the Society, upon the Coronation of our Heirs.

Scroll ID: Isabel C XXIII
Completed: January 2012