Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sean of Carillion (Award of Arms)

Award of Arms
Southern Region War Camp, Barony of Carillion
Awarded April 30, 2011 AS XLV (45)

Sean of Carillion (Award of Arms)
Calligraphy & Illumination by Isabel Chamberlaine


Words by Lady Lorita deSiena

Come forward all and know that We, Lucan and Yana, King and Queen of these Eastern Lands known that fine arts may be beautiful and inspiring, and martial arts may be courageous and bold but it is the humble and glorious art of service that is truly cherished. Acts that may not seem noble, are the ones that make someone most deserving in others eyes. The service of Sean of Carillion has made hime indispensible to his barony. Seans work and his desire to gain and share knowledge has been heard and seen by the right and mighty Lucan and Yana, who are both pleased and proud. Therefore is Sean of Carillion made a Lord of our court and given arms. Done this 30th day of April a.s. 45 at our Southern Region War Camp in the Barony of Carillion.

Scroll ID: Isabel C XVI 

Completed April 20, 2011