Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lylie of Penhyll (Silver Crescent)

Order of the Silver Crescent
Pennsic War XXXIV (34)
Awarded August 2005 (A.S XL - 40)
Re-awarded at War of the Roses, May 2010 (A.S XLV - 45)

So, the very special project that I was asked to get involved with way back in January has finally come full circle. I was asked to be a part of a grand scheme cooked up by JP (my fencing Don and Lylie's better half!) that would involve her finally receiving a scroll for her Silver Crescent which wasn't available when she was recognized for the award five years ago.

The day was perfect. Lylie approached HRM Edward and asked if he would like her as a "minion" for the day. Frankly her desire to be helpful to His Majesty just added to the deception that was about to unfold.

She was summoned before His Majesty, (who had gracefully agreed to participated in the deception) who extolled her virtues, offing a couple of small inside jokes and finally presented Lylie with this scroll that she had patiently waited five years for.

The icing on the grand scheme of the cake however was after she was presented with this scroll His Majesty declared that Lylie was to be sent on Vigil, so that she may join the Order of the Pelican.

Gasps, surprise, and the best comment of the day coming from Lylie when she said "...I only wanted to be your minion for the day..."

This is a very special scroll for me also, not only is it the very first one I was involved in, but it is also for a dear friend.

Lylie of Penhyll (Silver Crescent)

Illumination by Isabel Chamberlaine. Inspired by a 14th century English Psalter (Call Number: EL 9 H 17) held in the Huntington Library Collection.

Paper: Arches #140 hot-press watercolour paper.
Materials: 23K Gold Leaf, Aluminium Leaf (Silver), Tresser's Pink Size, Windsor & Newton Gouache, Black Sumi Ink.

Calligraphy by Lady Elisabeth Greenleaf

Pray attend the words of Kelson and Geneviere, King and Queen of the East. Oft times, when one is fair of face and of joyful demeanor, the world caters. How rare is the lady who possesses that fair face, joyful demeanor, and, in addition, caters to the world. Baroness Lylie of Penhyll is that rare jewel holding all three comely facets. Her beauty and charm are evident. Enumerating her many selfless deeds is difficult, and we are confined by the size of the parchment to recount only a sampling. This good lady has enriched her homeland, the Barony of Concordia of the Snows, in such ways as preparing resplendent feasts and sideboards, organizing festive events, divining the secrets of double-entry bookkeeping, holding her own against armed men while coordinating list fields. Her deeds for the East Kingdom are no less impressive. She has run the list of multiple Kingdom tournaments. She has fearlessly guarded the gates of the Royal Encampment. She has worked magic in organizing the coronation of this very pair of Monarchs. In addition, Lylie has spent no less than 78 hours assisting troll at the Pennsic Wars, thereby providing an enchanting welcome to those returning home to that place. The maintenance of our very Society is due to the efforts of such as Lylie, and so it is evident that she become a member of Our Order of the Silver Crescent. Done with gratitude in the debatable lands at the 34th Pennsic Wars, A.S. 40

Scroll ID: Isabel C I
Completed April 17, 2010 (A.S. XLIV - 44)