Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Brunissende Dragonette (Order of the Laurel)

Order of the Laurel
Pennsic War 45, Kingdom of Aethelmarc
Awarded August 11, 2016 (AS LI)

Calligraphy & Illumination by Isabel Chamberlaine. Inspiration taken from The Ellesmere Chaucer held by The Huntington Library, specifically f. 88 r.

Paper: Goat parchment (double-side finish) from Pergamena.

Materials: Mitchel #6 nib for the calligraphy and a crow-quill nib for line work; Oak Gall Ink, Ruby Red Writing Ink from Arte of the Booke and Higgins (Blue) Pigmented Drawing Ink. Kolner Miniatum with 23k gold leaf. Pigments used - lapis lazuli, vermillion, green earth, lamp black, and lead white.

Words by Vicomte Alexandre d'Avigné
Kenric Dei gratia regni Orientis Rex et Avelina Dei gratia Regni Orientis Regina defensores Tir Marae legisque Orientis Archiepiscopis Ducibus Comitibus Vicecomitibus Episcopis Baronibus Militibus Prepositis liberis hominibus ac omnibus Officiariis Ministris et Subditis nostris quibuscumque ad quos presentes litere pervenerint salutemus.

How can one take the measure of a dame whose mighty work spans such a vast array that diverse artisans proclaim her fame? To simply list her skills would fill the day, And yet this fearsome task we must essay. So let us now rehearse the many things Which bring this lady to the note of kings.

She forms her subjects out of humble clay And gives them to the unforgiving flame To issue forth again in bright array. Her beads of glass are worthy of acclaim So their production doth increase her fame. But broader still is her creative scope. To seemly make the court she giveth soap.

 To arts both scribal and heraldic too She doth contribute with both wit and quill Providing with her research insights new Which then she implements with her good will. Yet this is not the limit of her skill She labours in the fair arts culinary With great sucess beyond the ordinary.

How can one praise an artist so diverse With words, although they matter, I am told, Or with a few scant lines of humble verse? The skills she doth display are great and bold And prized above both silver and bright gold. There is but one way to repay this debt; A laurel for Brunissende Dragonette.

Ergo, eum nos prefate Rex et Regina per literas nostras patentes sub magno Sigillo nostro Orientis confectas gerentes datum decimus dies Augustii tempore regni nostri tertii quod est anno societatis quinquagesimo apud Bellum Pennsicus.

Scroll ID: Isabel C 55
Time Invested: 18 hours.
Completed July 2016