Monday, June 3, 2013

Owyn Greenwood (Order of the Golden Rapier)

Order of the Golden Rapier
K&Q Archery Championships and Southern Region War Camp
Awarded June 1, AS 48 (XLVIII)

I've been moving through a period of SCA lethargy recently and although I really wanted this assignment I seriously struggled with actually getting it started. I'm glad I struggled through it though for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, Owynn is a friend and being a part of his induction as a companion of the Order of the Golden Rapier (OGR) is a huge deal and I'm proud that I could do this thing for him. (Owynn, BREATHE ... it is real).

Secondly, although I initially struggled a great deal with this assignment it actually ended up making my scribal-flame burn a little brighter. I'd decided early on that I was going to use modern tube-gouache so as not to over extend myself, then I needed to use green. All the modern greens I have or mixed from the tubes just weren't working for me, they just had completely the wrong colour. So, I hit the books. All the single-pigment greens recommended by the period artists were either the wrong tone of green (verdigris, malachite...) or I didn't have the ingredients (some use saffron, there's a green made from irises...). However, there are recommendations from period artists for a green made from orpiment and indigo, this turned out to be exactly the kind of tone I was looking for - so Owynn, don't lick the page! The simple mixing of these pigments to get the right green has lead to flurry of activity and research, something that's been sorely lacking recently.

Calligraphy & Illumination by Isabel Chamberlaine. Inspired by this Grant of Arms to Edward Bullock dated 1602

Paper: Peramenata, 230gsm, Natural
Materials: Iron gall ink, Mitchell's #4 steel nib, various Windsor & Newton gouache and powdered pigments.

Text by Alys Mackyntoich and based upon the proclamation demitting the Crown by Mary Queen of Scots (1567)

Gregor, by right of arms King of the East, and Kiena our Queen, to all and sundry our judges and ministers of law, lieges and subjects whom it concerns to whose knowledge these our letters shall come, greeting. Forasmuch as, since returning within our realm, we, willing the common commodity, wealth, profit and quietness thereof, have employed our whole senses and forces to govern the same in such a manner that our royal and honourable estate might stand, continue with us and our
posterity; and forasmuch as honorable petition has been laid before us to attend to the estate and fortune of Owyn Greenwood, insofar as he has shown true courage and valor upon the field of combat and notable excellence in matters of the rapier; and finding the said petition to be rightful and just and pleasing in our sight; we do therefore will and command that the said Owyn be invested and attired as a Companion of the Golden Rapier.  And we do further upon this day, with all ceremonies requisite, place the emblem of the Order aforesaid upon his person in sign and token of establishing of him therein.  And we do further will, command and instruct our ministers and our heralds to do, exercise and use whatsoever is needful for sure performance and accomplishment hereof, and to do all and whatsoever things in our name in these matters require to be done; and ordain these our letters to be read openly in our court and published at all places needful. Subscribed with our hand, and given under our privy seal, at Carillion upon 1 June, in the forty-eighth year of the Society.

Scroll ID: Isabel C XL
Completed May 2013