Friday, May 3, 2013

Holbein "Pearl Gold" (G641)

In my post Recommendations for Beginner Scribal Materials, I mentioned Holbein "Pearl Gold" gouache (G641) as being my favourite option for painted gold. I purchased mine through John Neal Booksellers, but I'm sure that it is available elsewhere.

A tube of Holbein "Pearl Gold" (G641) gouache.
In the past I have written the following about this product:

"Through extended use I have found that this modern, water-based paint gives a very similar colour to the 23k gold leaf I commonly use. Originally I found the dried result to appear streaky, however with improved application technique I have achieved a consistent, slightly raised finish.

Experience has taught me that the paint needs to be very wet in the palette-well but only soaking a small amount onto your brush. Make sure to mix the paint often, so as to keep the pigment consistent. When applying to the page it is best to work wet-to-dry by dabbing your freshly loaded brush onto the edge of the most recently painted area, essentially applying wet-to-wet. Once the fresh paint has run off the brush, begin to gently pull the paint towards the dry unpainted areas. You are dragging the paint outwards with the tip rather than painting with the full length of the brush. You want to drag the paint out just enough that you no longer have large watery areas, which will cause the page to crinkle, but not so much that it becomes to thin."

Gilding: Mediums, Mordants & Techniques (Dec 28, 2011)