Monday, September 17, 2012

Ferall von Halstern (Kings Cypher)

Kings Cypher
Bergental Baronial Investiture

Awarded September 15, 2012 AS XLVII (47)

September 9:
This is the very first time I've ever worked on parchment/vellum and my initial reaction is that it's a little weird, mostly because I'm out of my comfort-zone.

Firstly, I had to cut down a full skin which caused a little anxiety since I was worried I was doing it wrong. I basically scored out the largest, cleanest piece I could, and then spent my time salvaging "good, smaller pieces" from the scraps. I basically ended up with a giant piece that can be cut down further as needed and a bunch of smaller pieces that would be ideal for short writs, notes, or practice pieces. One of these smaller pieces was the ideal size for this project.

Pumice was applied to de-grease the surface of the skin and then I used a blunted awl to score in my boundary and writing lines. I chose to score the lines instead of using pencil after reading ". . . Before the mid-twelfth century it was normal to use a hard point, of metal or bone, to make the ruling; . . ." (Owen-Crocker 34).

My intention had been to use a quill for this particular piece, however it just was not meant to be. I came to the conclusion that my quills need more hardening and shaping, for which I didn't have time. Therefore, instead of struggling I chose to use a No.5 Mitchell's nib and the difference was immediately noticeable.

Calligraphy by Isabel Chamberlaine and based on a variety of sources dated to the 8th and 9th centuries.

This assignment came with a set of specific instructions from His Majesty:
  • Calligraphy only – no illumination or illuminated capitals. (Please do not use the traditional Cypher mark described in the EK Scribes handbook).
  • Script should be in insular miniscule or some other 8th century hand, if possible.
  • Pergamenata or animal skin vellum is preferred, but is not necessary if you do not have it.
  • Please use the Anglicized name of the recipient, above. You may pencil on the back of the scroll the recipient’s SCAdian name and the English translation in small print.
  • Please use the text provided below.
  • Only one signature space will go on this scroll (for a witness, not the King). Please inscribe the following names at the bottom of the page and leave one signature space below this list.
    .....Kenric rex
    .....Avelina Regina
    .....Eadweard princeps
    .....Þyra principessa
    .....Æðelðryð principessa
Ground: Goat parchment produced by Baron Jean Paul Ducasse.
Materials: Mitchel #5 nib, iron gall ink.

Words by His Majesty, Kenric of Warwick

Nos Kenricus Rex memor et finis quae omnibus perveniet et beneficia pro nobis confecta a nostro fido et diligento  Ferus Halsternsis legamus Ferus Halsternsis supradicto jus post decessus nostrum monogrammam regalem nostram gestare. Et in hac re nemo ab eo ullum munimentum praeter has litteras postulet. Quamobrem signum manuale affiximus.

Kenric rex
Avelina Regina
Eadweard princeps
Þyra principessa
Æðelðryð principessa

English Translation:
We Kenric the King, mindful both of the end which will come to all men and also the good works accomplished for Us by our diligent Ferall von Halstern bequeath to the aforesaid Ferall von Halstern the right after Our demise to bear Our cypher. And demand of him any defense beyond these letters. For which reason We have affixed Our sign manual.

Scroll ID: Isabel C XXX
Completed September 2012

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