Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ose Silverhair (Sapphire)

Order of the Sapphire
Pennsic 40

Awarded August 2011 - AS XLVI (46)

Incomplete Ose Silverhair (Sapphire)
Calligraphy & Illumination by Isabel Chamberlaine. Inspired by...


Words by His Excellency, Baron Pierre de Tours

Though art may at times gain more attention, science is the foundation upon which art often rests.  Science requires as much dedication and patience as any other endeavor to which a person may set their hand and their mind.  Science may require more perseverance as it too often is done far from the limelight and as such is done for the enrichment of self and others without thought of approbation.  Lady Ose Silverhair does enrich Our Barony by her diligent and patient efforts to understand the more arcane science underlying fiber arts, by her willingness to share her discoveries with any who have interest, and her work that has, and no doubt will in the future, enrich Our Barony so greatly.  In recognition of this do We induct Lady Ose into Our Order of the Sapphire at this, the fortieth Pennsic War, done this ninth day of August anno societatis forty six.  This being Our will, to this I set my Hand.

Scroll ID: Isabel C XX
Currently in progress